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Vision, Values and Purpose

Our vision is to be recognized as the premier customs and compliance services company, creating dynamic, integrated solutions for customers in North America who do business globally.

Livingston Compass: values in action

Values represent what we believe in. The Livingston Compass provides management and staff with direction – guiding the way we act and the way we do business. Our core values set the basis for the way we meet our business objectives, the way we work with each other and the way we interact with clients, partners, investors and others. It is our values that move us toward our vision. At Livingston International, we have six core values.

  1. Respect: We respect other people, communicating clearly and acting with integrity.
  2. Client focus: We are focused on our clients, through efficient, responsive and innovative services and solutions.
  3. Decisiveness: We make decisions, based on our best analysis of the situation, input from others and a willingness to take action.
  4. Positive attitude: We have a positive attitude, with pride in the accomplishments of our company, our team and ourselves. We are excited about the future.
  5. Financial responsibility: We are financially responsible, spending wisely, supporting business objectives and continually striving to add value.
  6. Balance: We strive for balance in our competing daily work demands and in our personal and work lives.

Our purpose

The best brands capture the hearts and minds of their customers. At the core of this emotional connection is a keen understanding of a brand’s unique reason for being – its purpose.  We believe Livingston’s purpose is to clear the way for international trade, so businesses can grow – faster, smarter, further.

On February 23, 2010, key leaders and stakeholders from Livingston International got together for a Purpose Summit. Everyone shared his and her honest thoughts about Livingston’s purpose, values and character. There was no shortage of ideas or passion for our storied past and promising future. We captured the most salient and powerful ideas of the day and distilled this thinking into our five basic truths and the essence of Livingston.

Five basic truths

  1. We provide clarity in a world of complexity. When you pull back the curtain on the customs and compliance stage in North America, you will find a vast nexus of government agencies, regulations, protocols, processes and information that, all together, can be overwhelming for businesses to navigate. Thanks to over 65 years of experience and an unparalleled depth of knowledge, Livingston can manage this murky and highly complex arena for its clients so they never have to master it themselves. By serving as their trusted advisor, we offer each and every client a level of transparency, clarity and certainty that enables their shipments to proceed hassle-free and on time.
  2. We manage the flow of data to keep trade flowing. Fundamentally, we are in the information business. Our operating platforms and technological infrastructure are designed to drive efficiency. All of our offices are connected and our processes standardized to balance workflow and assure quality. What’s more, they are continually updated to ensure our information management – the linchpin of customs clearance and compliance – is second to none.
  3. We anticipate risk and mitigate it. In this post-9/11, global economy, the ability to ship goods across a border, particularly in North America, is no small or easy task. The potential risks for our clients abound, which is why they look to Livingston to avert risk long before their shipments arrive at the border. Simply put, Livingston helps clients manage and mitigate risk, ultimately protecting their best interests.
  4. We put trade in the fast lane. In our business, it’s not just about filling out forms faster. It’s about having the skills, the systems and the speed to manage the vast amount of information required before a shipment ever arrives at the border. Simply put, we transform a data-intensive process into a fast, efficient digital information flow to and from importers, shippers, carriers and governments.
  5. We never sleep. The very things our clients are shipping are the lifeblood of their company.  It’s our job to be vigilant caretakers of our clients’ business, which is why we provide them with consistent clearance services and unflagging support around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In our business, there are no holidays. There is no downtime.

Essence of Livingston

Knowledgeable: With over 65 years of experience behind us, we possess a unique understanding of the complex framework governing trade into the United States and Canada. Our intimate knowledge of regulatory, reporting and security requirements relieves clients of a heavy burden and provides peace of mind.

Protective: We develop, deploy and continually enhance systems and methodologies to help protect our clients from potential inspections, fines, audits and penalties or any other impediment to the smooth flow of their goods.

Trusted: We’ve been in the customs and compliance business a long time and have acquired an extraordinary track record for mastering the pressure of constant, consistent on-time delivery. Through the long-term relationships we foster with our clients, our business continues to grow from a foundation of trust and reassurance.

Well-connected: We have built a well-oiled machine for managing all of the players involved in customs clearance and trade compliance – from logistics suppliers to customs brokers to government agencies – so goods flow seamlessly, across the border and across the globe.

Meticulous: There is no room for error in the customs and compliance arena. That’s why Livingston fosters a culture that calls for a level or precision and efficiency to help our clients avoid bottlenecks, compliance hurdles and other legal ramifications stemming from imprecise reporting.